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We provide beverage solutions for the workplace. Our objective is to provide the best for our customers, from the water systems we provide to the coffee beans we use, to the coffee units our customers are using, we only use the best. Our days are occupied making sure our customers are happy and hydrated (or caffeinated). Hygienic Unlimited Water With Point-Of-Use (POU) water systems you have an unlimted supply of pure, fresh water - the best there is. Hygienic water guaranteed. The VURE POU water systems by Fresco Beverage Services have no exposed reservoirs (unlike bottled dispensers). Exposed reservoirs allow for bacteria growth and contamination. Our systems are certified to delivery up to 99.999% bacteria free water. Professional Staff All of our POU systems are installed and serviced by highly-trained service professionals for the life of the system. Earth Friendly Our POU systems are Eco-friendly because they eliminate the need for BIG delivery trucks on the roads. Our POU systems also eliminate the waste created from use of plastic bottles. Click here for our online brochure. It’s pretty and informative! Do you have a friend? Do you know someone who doesn’t have access to a computer but still has a need for amazing water? Feel free to print our brochure and pass it on... you would be doing your friend a favor and us... plus you will feel good about yourself, knowing you helped hydrate a buddy! Hydration We provide our customers with pure, fresh water in the workplace. The water we drink should be the most perfect on the planet. Liquid purity. It’s the reason we get up in the morning and come into work. Yes, we set the bar extremely high. We’re creating the healthiest, cleanest, most beautiful-tasting water there is, water that is of superior quality to anything else you can drink. Our water purification filter creates a source of energy and performance that can revitalize your body. Call today to see why our clients are raving about the taste of their water and the level of service they receive from Fresco Beverage Services. Caffeination Fresco Beverage Services proudly distributes coffee equipment for an array of industries and locations which include: Office Coffee Service, Hospitality, Foodservice and C-Store throughout North America. We work with multinational corporations as well as small companies. We are truly committed in delivering nothing less than perfect coffee to our customers. We strive to bring a coffee shop experience wherever your clients, colleagues and employees are.Fresco Beverage Services reputation and place in the industry have been achieved by distributing reliable equipment providing constant great taste, cup after cup.Whole-beans are ground as needed, there is no reason to use pre-ground beans. Our coffee is brewed using a reverse French press and filtered through a technology that is exclusive to our machines. Our clients are raving about the taste of our coffee. Smell the exquisite aroma and enjoy the amazing taste of our green and affordable coffee! Products We don’t carry everything, but we can get whatever you want. Go ahead, test us, we dare you! Do you need sweetners, cups, plates, hot chocolate, an airplane. Do you want candy or soda, paper towels or cookies? Whatever you want or need, Fresco Beverage Services can provide it to you! VUREWL100 A Fresh Approach and New Look – The Wterlogic WL-100™ brings a unique, fresh approach, and a new look, to point-of-use systems in the marketplace. Unlike a bottled water cooler, incoming tap water is treated as it’s needed, so the water is always fresh and great tasting. The Waterlogic WL-100™ has a cooling capacity that surpasses that of the ordinary bottled water cooler, so you are sure to get a cold, refreshing serving of drinking water every time. The WL-100™ nozzle features anti-bacterial protection with BioCote®. The treatment process includes Sediment Filtration (EV9600-00) reducing particles as small as half micron in size. Half micron filtration traps contaminants and reduce chlorine & organic contaminants. This model comes in standard and countertop models. VUREWL270 Specifically designed for use where water quality is a priority. This smart dispenser delivers both superb quality and high volume. The Reverse Osmosis option ensures high purity filtration that is ideal for contamination situations including boil alerts. Reverse Osmosis removes all contaminants, chlorine and fluorideUV technology eliminates bacteriaHigh capacity for a constant supply of fresh water. VUREWL350 Firewall Firewall™ water purification system is constantly on guard to protect you from waterborne bacteria, viruses and cysts. Firewall™ immediately goes into action and purifies the water at the touch of a button. When the machine is not in use for more than 3 hours, Firewall™ activates itself and sanitizes the point-of dispense. On top of that, a monitoring system continuously checks the UV and the water flow through the Firewall™ water purification system and should the UV lamp stop working for whatever reason, no water will be dispensed. This model comes in standard and countertop models. Point-of-Use water coolers Clean drinking water is important for the health and productivity of your employees, but traditional water coolers are an out-dated and inefficient means of providing quality water. We can install a central water purification system that will feed water throughout your office, including any number of our bottle-less water coolers. These water dispensers work and look just like traditional water coolers, but without the hassle of storing, lifting and changing heavy bottles. Instead, they are supplied with purified water from the central system, without any extra effort from you. VUREWaterStationIII Water Station III™ point-of-use water purification systems deliver pure, delicious, hot and cold drinking water right where you need it. These bottle-less, plumbed-in systems are available as self-contained purification units with installed reverse osmosis or micro filtration systems. High water production volume allows the Water Station III™ to serve as a hub, feeding purified water to additional devices including other Water Stations™, coffee machines and ice makers. Water Station III™ features in-tank Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and BioCote® impregnated surfaces providing further protection against bacteria and viruses. This model comes in standard and countertop models. Coffee - essential to most Great coffee is created from quality roasted coffee beans, correct brewing temperatures and great filtration. The coffee systems offered by Fresco Beverage Services have the best brewing process and, when used with our recommended coffee roasts, you will be sure to please your biggest coffee connoisseurs. Fresco Beverage Services offers the best beans and brewing equipment available today. Total1 The Total1 by Cafection is a state-of-the art coffee unit to serve your entire office. Create multiple combinations of coffee, mocha, latte, cappuccino or straight coffee from one machine. Combined with our top-rated roasted coffee beans, filtration, and this easy to use machine, your staff will love this addition to your office. Whole Beans $8.99 - $15.99 per pound We carry a variety of whole bean coffees. Our coffee is hand selected from the local roasting sources. Product details Cups $12.00 - $65.00 Keep your customers warm with your signature hot cocoa, coffee, tea, and more with the Choice white 12 oz. hot paper cup! Our cups comes in various sizes, colors and styles. We can even customize your cups with your company logo. With or without lids. Sold in various quantities. Product details Sweeteners Prices vary We are happy to provide your company with sugar, Stevia, Splenda, Agave, or any other sweetener you want Congratulations! March 24, 2014 The mission of La Maestra Community Health Centers is to: provide quality health care and education; to improve the overall wellbeing of the family; bringing the under-served, ethnically diverse communities into the mainstream of our society, through a caring, effective, culturally and linguistically competent manner, respecting the dignity of all patients. La Maestra doesn’t stop with caring for the community, they also look for ways to care for their staff and partners. Recently La Maestra installed VUREWaterStation III water units in many of thier facilities and offices. These water units deliver pure, fresh, clean water to their staff and partners. The units were installed and are serviced by Fresco Beverage Services a San Diego based company. More information about Fresco Beverage Services can be found at,,,,,,,,,